I am an Assistant Professor in Columbia University Earth and Environmental Engineering, with affiliation in Electrical Engineering. I am a core faculty at Columbia Electrochemical Energy Center and Lenfest Center for Sustainable Energy. My research interests include design and optimization of sustainable energy and power systems, integration of energy storage and other emerging decarbonization technologies, and modeling the impact of climate change in energy systems.

I obtained my PhD in Electrical Engineering from University of Washington, Seattle, advised by Daniel Kirschen and Baosen Zhang. I did my Postdoc in MIT, hosted by Audun Botterud. My CV is here.


2023/07: Sides from my recent talk at RWTH Aachen University provides a good overview of our work on energy storage.

2023/06: New paper published in Joule about market design for energy storage.

2023/06: Transferable energy storage bidder published in TPWRS.

2023/02: Our group will present work on using a novel deep learning approach for energy storage price arbitrage in the PES General Meeting 2023.

2023/01: Our SoC market model for energy storage has been published in the new IEEE Transactions on Energy Markets, Policy and Regulation journal.

2023/01: Honored to receive the NSF CAREER award to work on energy storage grid integration.

2022/12: Preprint on using transfer learning for energy storage bidding.

2022/11: Paper on battery technology valuation in electricity markets.

2022/09: Paper on battery degradation models for power system optimization, codes available.

2022/07: Slides from PESGM 2022 on 1) battery degradation valuation; 2) optimal bidding and control are available.

2022/06: FERC talk on storage market model.

2022/03: Our SoC-based storage opportunity bidding model is being proposed for implementation at California ISO! Here are the slides for a quick summary.

2022/03: Pre-print: Impact of Bidding and Dispatch Models over Energy Storage Utilization in Bulk Power Systems.

2022/02: Our paper Arbitraging Variable Efficiency Energy Storage using Analytical Stochastic Dynamic Programming has been accepted by IEEE Transactions on Power Systems.